MRO Middle East

Dubai World Trade Centre
Dubai, UAE
Feb 10, 2019: Conference
Feb 11-12, 2019: Exhibition

Birkan Güneralp

Turkish Technic


Having graduated with an Aeronautical Engineering degree in 2004, Birkan was employed by Turkish Airlines Technic within the same year. During his early years at the Company he took various positions in Line Maintenance department and later on 2010 he joined Turkish Airlines OCC team where he took a major role evolving then OCC into professional IOCC. During his position as MOCC Senior Manager and afterwards VP IOCC, he successfully digitalized workflows and developed major projects in order to seamlessly conduct operations of Turkish Airlines – the airline that flies to most countries in the world. In 2016 Birkan was appointed as SVP Aircraft Maintenance for Turkish Airlines Technic in its Istanbul Ataturk Airport facilities. During his two years of active duty, revenue has doubled and efficiency gain rate is measured as 27% for each year. On June of 2018 Birkan was promoted to his current role; SVP QA at Turkish Airlines Technic.


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