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Mehmet Gökhan Doğan

Managing Director
GA Telesis Istanbul


Mehmet Gokhan Dogan is Sr. Vice President and Managing Director of the GA Telesis’ EurAsia Office. Areas of responsibility include profit & loss accountability, contract management, sales, marketing, any other interdepartmental opportunities and operations in the Balkans, the Levant, and Central Asia. His international relationships and interpersonal skills have been integral in converting regional material opportunities into success.

Prior to joining GA Telesis, Dogan was the Project Manager for Turkish Airlines Technic, participating in the development and analysis of component services & requirements for Component Pool Services and Material Management. He identified internal deliverables, adding internal capabilities from in-house repair shops and lead the team to coordinate purchasing, subcontracted repair, material planning, CRM Systems integration, and Surplus/Material sales across functional groups to meet targets for customer requirements and cost analysis. Dogan also coordinated the procurement and selection of parts, materials and components with suppliers, managed third-party consignment and business development and coordinated reciprocal business and third- party agreements to maximize internal volume. He started his career as an IT Analyst as well as the General Manager for Triad Motors.

Dogan received his Bachelors of Science degree from The University of North Carolina in Greensboro with a major in Information Systems as well as a second major in Operations Management.

Dogan currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey with his wife and three sons, and enjoys soccer, basketball, music, and loves to travel.


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