March 5-6, 2024
Dubai, UAE

Sustainable Events

As a major organizer of events and exhibitions, Aviation Week, a division of Informa, has the opportunity and responsibility to lead the sustainable development of our industry. Our attendees, exhibitors and colleagues are all clearly telling us that sustainability, socially, economically and environmentally, is something that is no longer a “nice to have” but a necessary part of our success. 

We also have the potential to go further than our responsibility to deliver our events sustainably: we can design our events to provide a place to work in partnership with our customers and inspire the sustainable development of the industries we serve.  For more information on Aviation Week and Informa’s overall commitment to sustainable events click here.

Our three pledges

Inspiring Sustainable Development



Sustainability Initiatives at MRO Middle East



  • Aviation Week Network is happy to discuss any questions or concerns regarding sustainability at our events.  For further information please contact Jennifer Roberts at [email protected]

Purposeful Partnership

  • Airlink, a global humanitarian organization. The partnership works to promote awareness about and raise funds for, Airlink’s mission to deliver critical aid to communities in crisis through industry and NGO partnerships. 
  • The MRO and Engines Series are partnered with A4A and IATA across all of our MRO events. Both organizations are actively involved in the development of show content and support of the aviation community.

Sustainability Sessions

Throughout our conference programs, sustainability is a hot topic of discussion, either through dedicated sessions, or as a talking point within a separate topic. At MRO Middle East 2023 we have the following sessions at the Go Live! Theater around sustainability: 

MRO Focus: Sustainability - Motivate and Make it Relevant

Thursday, March 02, 2023:11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Session Description: Understanding how sustainability initiatives can fit in with the Middle East region and culture:

  • Guaranteeing awareness and responsibility from every position within the company
  • How might sustainability strategies affect airline decision making and their demands and criteria for suppliers?
  • What effective actions are being taken by regional MROs to support climate change targets for the industry?
  • What are some of the key effects on the supply chain?
  • Tips and best practices for measuring and monitoring scope 3 emissions: What are some of the benefits? What oversight is needed to navigate your team and partners in the right direction? 

AIME: Interview - Soaring the Skies with Sustainable Interiors

Thursday, March 02, 2023:11:45 AM - 12:20 PM

Session Description: To be a truly sustainable aircraft, manufacturers need to assess the materials used and how to improve the lifecycle. This session will assess the weight, reusability, and cost of sustainable materials. 

Sustainability Tips for Exhibitors

Follow these tips to make sure your sustainable booth strategies are cost-neutral or even cost-saving! Leave an impact on the show floor, not the environment.

BEFORE THE SHOW — Booth Structure

  • Option 1: Multiple Use Use Forest Sustainable Certified (FSC) wood to build your booth and crates. Get creative! Design your booth with a small shipping footprint to minimize carbon emissions. 
  • Option 2 Rent locally from  local suppliers to reduce both shipping costs and carbon emissions. 


  • Option 1 Rent rather than buy carpet to save on shipping, cleaning, and storage. Rent carpet or floor coverings that can be reused at least four times.
  • Option 2 Color Use darker-colored carpet, which is easier to reuse and recycle. 


  • Online + before deadline = better bottom line. Take advantage of early-bird pricing and consolidate shipping when ordering supplies.
  • Choose reusable shipping padding. Avoid packing peanuts and foam plastic materials that never decompose.


  • Option 1 Multiple Use Print on a durable substrate without dates, event names, or locations.
  • Option 2 One-time Use Print on 100 percent recyclable materials which are just as cost-effective as PVC. 


  • Reduce printing and go digital with your booth literature.
  • Print locally. Supporting local businesses while reducing shipping? It’s a win-win.
  • Print on at least 50 percent post-consumer recycled paper. 

ON  SITE - Save Energy

  • Use Energy Star-rated equipment for audio-visual equipment and monitors.
  • Power down. Turn off equipment at the end of each day.
  • Light up your booth with CFLs, LEDs, or other energy- efficient lighting.


  • Educate your installation and dismantling teams about recycling and donation processes.


  • Pack in, pack out. Leave no traces on show site.


  • Remember to label. Clearly label recyclable leftover material for disposal.
  • Donate the rest. Ask about local donation programs.


Furniture: Purchased items
Home furnishing: Décor staging materials
Unused raw materials: Plywood, subflooring, non-laminate wood
Flooring: 100 square feet of flooring. Excludes carpet.
Left over giveaways: Pens, pads of paper, sunglasses, USBs, etc., left over in your promotional giveaway


Cardboard: Used for signs or shipping boxes
Glass: Green, brown, clear
Plastics: Shrink-wrap or plastic banding used to secure shipments; water/soda bottles; plexiglass (acrylics) clear, smoked, or tinted; Visqueen used to protect flooring
Metal: Aluminum cans/ steel banding
Paper: Fliers, brochures, programs, tickets, office paper, newspaper, magazines, paperboard
Wood: Non-laminate wood